Relief Mulled for Japan Sterilization Victims without Surgery Records

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Tokyo, Oct. 3 (Jiji Press)--A task force of a suprapartisan parliamentarians' league is considering providing relief to disabled people and others who were forced to undergo sterilization operations under the now-defunct eugenic protection law, including those without their surgery records, it was learned Wednesday.

The relief is expected to include a lump-sum allowance, informed sources said.

According to the sources, the task force plans to compile a draft of legislation to provide assistance to victims at its next meeting, aiming to win approval at a general meeting of the league by the end of this month at the earliest.

Supposing that most of surgery records have been gone, the lawmakers' group intends to create a system in which the health minister grants certification to victims as relief recipients based on judgements by a committee to be composed of doctors, lawyers and other experts.

The proposed allowance will also be paid to people who gave consent to sterilization surgery and those who underwent other types of operations, such as removal of the uterus.

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