Market Relocation from Tsukiji to Toyosu Gathers Pace

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Tokyo, Oct. 7 (Jiji Press)--Workers at Tokyo's renowned Tsukiji wholesale food market stepped up work on Sunday to relocate to a new market site in the capital's Toyosu district in preparation for the market opening scheduled for Thursday.

According to the Tokyo metropolitan government, the full-scale relocation work will continue through Wednesday.

A total of about 900 wholesalers, intermediate wholesalers and restaurant operators will move from Tsukiji to Toyosu. About 5,300 truckloads of freight in terms of 2-ton trucks will be transported to the new site, along with some 2,100 "turret trucks" motorized carts used inside Tsukiji market, which ended its 83-year history on Saturday as Japan's leading fish market.

For the relocation, market people were allowed to use a section of an urban road scheduled to open partially in November.

On Sunday, a total of 300 motorized carts traveled about 2.3 kilometers on the road from Tsukiji to Toyosu early in the morning.

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