Japan New Resident Status to Exclude Nations Refusing Deportees


Tokyo, Oct. 10 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government will exclude nationals of countries that reject their citizens deported from Japan from a new residence status expected to be introduced next April, officials said Wednesday.

The move is aimed at preventing an increase in the number of overstayers following the introduction of the new status, being considered to allow more foreign workers into Japan in a bid to address the country's serious labor shortages.

The government will also tighten its screening of applicants for the status from countries with many citizens who repeat inappropriate applications for refugee status and illegally keep staying in Japan.

According to the Justice Ministry, the number of foreigners who reject deportation orders stood at nearly 4,000 as of the end of June.

Many such people file lawsuits seeking removal of the orders and keep applying for refugee status without legitimate reasons, leading to prolonged stays at deportation centers and impeding border control operations.

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