Toyosu Market Opens to Public

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Tokyo, Oct. 13 (Jiji Press)--Two days after its opening to take over the functions of the now-defunct famous Tsukiji wholesale market in Tokyo, the Toyosu market started accepting visits by the general public on Saturday.

The new market in Koto Ward allows visitors to watch fish auctions and eat at restaurants along the admission-free tour route, where a "turret" cargo transporter is on display too.

On Saturday, the tour route was swamped by crowds of people coming to see how the Toyosu market works and enjoy cuisines of popular restaurants that were relocated from the Tsukiji market in neighboring Chuo Ward.

"I've been standing in this line for more than an hour but haven't come closer to the entrance at all," said a 62-year-old man from Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, who was waiting to be allowed to enter "Sushidai," a sushi restaurant in the market.

"This used be a slack area but it's a lively place now," a Koto local man, 32, who was in a queue for a different restaurant with his family members said. "I was deeply moved."

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