INTERVIEW: Journalist Ito Hails Solidarity of Sexual Violence Victims


London, Oct. 15 (Jiji Press)--Japanese journalist Shiori Ito, who made headlines through her public allegation of rape against a famous journalist, has hailed the solidarity of sexual violence victims through the Me Too movement.

"I want to give big applause to the global solidarity formed through the Me Too movement," Ito, who lives in Britain, said in a recent written interview with Jiji Press.

The Me Too movement began about a year ago following sexual misconduct allegations in the U.S. film industry. The movement spread globally, with many people in key public positions and celebrities held responsible.

"People who had been treated as small voices united to make a loud protest and became a great force. This saved me when I was fighting alone, trying not to stop my voice, after making the allegation about six months before the Me Too movement began," she said.

In Japan, many victims hesitate to file complaints due to fears about social hostility against accusers, Ito said, claiming that only 4 pct of the country's sexual violence victims report to police.

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