Japan to Conduct Dike Excavation at Ancient Tumulus

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Tokyo, Oct. 15 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Imperial Household Agency said Monday that it will start excavation work at a dike at Daisen Kofun, the country's largest ancient tumulus measuring 486 meters long in the western prefecture of Osaka, later this month.

The government agency will conduct excavation work at the inner of two banks surrounding the keyhole-shaped grave mound known as the tomb of Emperor Nintoku, which was built between the late fourth century and late fifth century.

The agency aims to check the condition of any remnants and artifacts buried within the dike, part of broader work on collecting basic data for envisaged construction work to help preserve the mound, located in the city of Sakai.

It will be the first time to conduct research on the inner dike to confirm relics. There is high probability that a row of "ento haniwa" cylindrical clay figures will be found, an agency official said.

The excavation will involve manual digging of sections, each measuring 28-30 meters long and two meters wide, at a point on the east side and two locations on the south side of the dike. The agency will work with the Sakai city government on the excavation.

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