Many Deaf People Seen as Forced Sterilization Victims

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Tokyo, Oct. 16 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese Federation of the Deaf has found that 109 hearing-impaired people are believed to have undergone forced operations for sterilization and other purposes under the country's now-defunct eugenic protection law.

According to a survey by the federation with some 19,000 individual members, the number of male victims stood at 26 and that of women at 83.

The number of forced sterilization and other surgeries performed on them totaled 127 as some victims went through such a surgery more than once. The total included 39 abortion surgeries.

The survey was conducted with 47 member groups nationwide between March and September. Of them, 21 groups found victims, 11 cited difficulty conducting probes and 14 said they were still investigating.

The number of victims is likely to increase as the investigations progress.

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