60 Pct of Young Japanese Back Adulthood Age of 18


Tokyo, Oct. 18 (Jiji Press)--A recent survey by the Nippon Foundation has found that 60 pct of young people in Japan support the planned change in the age of adulthood to 18 from 20 in April 2022.

Many respondents also reacted favorably to a proposal by the government to lower the maximum age subject to the juvenile law to 17.

At present, the names and face photographs of people under 20 who committed crimes are not disclosed based on the intent of the juvenile law.

But the survey found that 66.1 pct of all valid respondents said the threshold of disclosure should be 18 years old or even lower.

The survey was conducted in cooperation with a research company on Sept. 7-9 through online questionnaires. Valid answers were given by 800 people between 17 and 19.

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