Japan Govt Eyes Boost to Efforts for Year-Round Employment

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Tokyo, Oct. 23 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government has clarified its plan to promote public-private efforts for hiring mid-career workers all year round by reviewing the current practices chiefly by major companies of recruiting new university graduates all at once each year.

To this end, the government will soon launch a committee to be composed of government and big company officials and led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and hold its first meeting as early as next month, Abe told reporters after Monday's meeting of the Council on Investments for Future, chaired by the prime minster himself.

Abe also said the council and his administration will aim to secure employment opportunities for healthy, motivated people to work until they turn 70 years old and offer various job options to meet demand from those people with a variety of work experience.

The government believes that year-round employment and the utilization of elderly workers will help increase the labor market's liquidity and improve Japan's productivity, observers said.

According to Abe, relevant ministers will work out specific measures and prepare necessary bills. The measures will be included in a three-year roadmap the government plans to adopt next summer to realize a society where people can work until they die.

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