Record 410,000 Bullying Cases Recognized at Schools in Japan

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Tokyo, Oct. 25 (Jiji Press)--Bullying cases recognized by elementary, junior high and high schools, and other schools in Japan in fiscal 2017 rose by 91,235 from the previous year to a record 414,378, an education ministry survey showed Thursday.

Growth in bullying cases was especially evident in the lower grades of elementary school.

In 2017, the ministry revised its basic policy on measures to prevent bullying. Schools are now instructed to look into cases, including fights and even cases in which children make fun of each other, and decide whether such cases amount to bullying by examining the level of damage to victims.

On the increase in bullying cases, a ministry official said, "Schools are actively recognizing early stages of bullying and are at the starting line of the efforts to eliminate bullying."

In the year to March 2018, bullying cases went up by 79,865 to 317,121 at elementary schools, by 9,115 to 80,424 at junior high schools and by 1,915 to 14,789 at high schools.

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