Hokkaido Quake Evacuees Move into Temporary Housing

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Abira, Hokkaido, Nov. 1 (Jiji Press)--People whose homes were damaged by a powerful earthquake in the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaido in September started to move into temporary housing on Thursday ahead of the arrival of full-fledged winter.

A total of 128 temporary housing units will be provided to 123 households in the towns of Atsuma, Abira and Mukawa hit hard by the 6.7-magnitude earthquake on Sept. 6.

In the Oiwake district in Abira, evacuees showed up one after another to pick up keys for their temporary housing at around 9 a.m. Thursday (midnight Wednesday GMT).

"I couldn't take a bath or use the restroom. I was feeling increasingly insecure as it's getting colder," said Reiko Seino, a 53-year-old home helper, who continued to live in her partially destroyed house because she has pets. "Now I can finally relax."

"I'm really happy. I just wanted a free daily life as early as possible," said Mariko Miyake, a 65-year-old barber, who lived in a shelter as her home office in the Oiwake district was severely damaged.

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