Wartime Domei News Agency Articles Released Online


Tokyo, Nov. 1 (Jiji Press)--The Japan Press Research Institute on Thursday started releasing online articles published mostly in wartime by Domei News Agency, the predecessor of Jiji Press and Kyodo News.

The articles released this time were those compiled in "Domei Junpo" news booklets issued between July 1937 and January 1941.

According to the institute, chaired by former Jiji Press President Yutaka Nishizawa, Domei Junpo was published every 10 days from July 1937 to January 1943.

Succeeded by "Domei Jiji Geppo" monthly booklets, the issuance continued until March 1945.

A total of 225 issues with about 26,000 pages containing some 300,000 articles were published. Half of them were released online on Thursday.

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