Workers at Toyosu Market Complain of Foul Smells


Tokyo, Nov. 7 (Jiji Press)--Workers at the new Toyosu wholesale food market in Tokyo are having to hold their noses as disgusting stenches, mainly of fish, are emanating from some locations in the market.

At the market, which opened last month to take over the wholesale market functions from the Tsukiji market also in Tokyo, the foul odors are so bad that even a seasoned auctioneer who is used to the smell of fish winced, describing them as "sickening."

People at the new market have voiced bewilderment over the bad smells, which were never an issue at Tsukiji, the now-defunct open-air market.

The smells are especially unbearable around the fish wholesale area, where a variety of fresh products are displayed.

Workers describe corners of passages, staircases, elevators and some other places as being haunted with a smell like dried squid mixed with "takuan" pickled radish and a combination of chemical and fish odors.

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