Insect Snack Vending Machine in Japan Drawing Good Demand

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Kumamoto, Nov. 12 (Jiji Press)--A vending machine offering insects as snacks on the go in the southwestern Japan city of Kumamoto has been enjoying unexpectedly brisk sales.

The machine, emblazoned with pictures of ladybugs, bees and other insects, sells eight kinds of insect snacks, including chocolate-covered grasshoppers and cricket protein bars, with prices ranging from 600 yen to 1,000 yen.

"It was crispy and, to my surprise, tasted good," said a 43-year-old woman who took cautious bites of a chocolate-covered grasshopper sold in a can at the vending machine. "I could tell I was eating the wings and the legs."

Toshiyuki Tomoda, 34, set up the insect snack vending machine at a balloon shop he operates in Kumamoto with the aim of getting publicity for the store.

When Tomoda was looking for something eye-catching to make the store known more widely, a friend of his who was working in Thailand happened to send him dried grasshoppers as a souvenir.

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