INTERVIEW: Quota Not to Affect Japan Automakers in Mexico, Official Says


Tokyo, Nov. 13 (Jiji Press)--A quota on passenger vehicles exported from Mexico to the United States in a new trade deal will not negatively affect Japanese automakers, a senior Mexican trade official said in a recent interview with Jiji Press in Tokyo.

Juan Carlos Baker, Mexican deputy economy minister for foreign trade, said that the quota under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement will "be used only in the case that the United States establishes (auto) tariffs arguing national security."

Under the agreement, replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico and Canada will each be allowed to export up to 2.6 million passenger vehicles to the United States tariff-free if Washington decides to impose the tariffs.

If the quota is implemented, Baker said Japanese automakers operating in Mexico will "have assurances that their exports (from Mexico to the United States) will not be jeopardized" and that they "will not be put in danger" because of the export cap.

"Certainly, Mexico reserves its right to challenge such a measure by the United States, given that it is hard to understand how importing cars is a matter of national security," he added.

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