New Swine Fever Case Suspected in Central Japan

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Tokyo, Nov. 16 (Jiji Press)--Japan's agriculture ministry said on Friday that two pigs at a livestock and park facility in the central city of Gifu have tested positive for swine fever, two months after the first domestic case of infection with the disease in 26 years was found at a hog farm in the city.

The Gifu prefectural government culled 23 pigs at the facility.

The positive result came in a genetic test conducted on the two pigs by the prefecture following a report from the facility on Thursday that the animals appeared to be ill, according to officials of the ministry.

A state-affiliated institute will conduct a detailed genetic test on the pigs to make a final diagnosis.

With the livestock and park facility only 8 kilometers away from the farm where the outbreak of the disease, also known as hog cholera, occurred in September, the institute will check whether the swine fever viruses in the two cases are the same type.

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