Japan Govt Shows Foreign Trainee Probe Results to Lawmakers


Tokyo, Nov. 19 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government on Monday showed some lawmakers the results of its probes into disappearances of foreign trainees in Japan.

Records of interviews with 2,870 foreign trainees who disappeared but were later found were shown to executives of the House of Representatives Judicial Affairs Committee.

According to the records, many trainees who arrived in Japan on the country's technical intern training program were in tough situations. Some had to borrow a lot of money to pay agents, while others received far lower wages than they had been promised.

The Liberal Democratic Party-led ruling coalition aims to vote down on Tuesday a motion to dismiss committee Chairman Yasuhiro Hanashi of the LDP that was submitted by the major opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan.

On the next day, the ruling camp hopes to start the committee's deliberations on an immigration control law revision bill to introduce new visa categories to accept a large number of foreign workers for easing the country's labor shortages.

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