Japan to Simplify Banquets for Imperial Succession

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Tokyo, Nov. 20 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government decided Tuesday to simplify "Kyoen no Gi" banquets to be held in October next year to celebrate Crown Prince Naruhito's accession to the throne attended by foreign heads of state and other guests.

The government decided to hold four banquets, down by three from the previous Kyoen no Gi ceremony held for Emperor Akihito in 1990. The number of guests will be reduced by 800.

The government plans to use a new Japan-made convertible for a parade in October next year to celebrate the enthronement of Crown Prince Naruhito. A Rolls-Royce convertible, used for the previous parade for the Imperial succession in 1990, was retired in 2007.

Emperor Akihito, 84, will abdicate on April 30 next year, and the Crown Prince, his 58-year-old eldest son, will accede to the throne the following day.

The decisions on the banquets and parade were made at the second meeting of the government's preparatory committee for ceremonies related to the Imperial succession.

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