2 Japanese Included in BBC's 100 Influential Women List


London, Nov. 24 (Jiji Press)--Two Japanese women, a 23-year-old astronomer and a 90-year-old English learner, have been included in the world's 100 influential women of the year selected by British broadcaster BBC.

Yuki Okoda, a graduate student of physics at University of Tokyo's School of Science, discovered for the first time in the world a dense disk of material around a newborn star that is believed to be a precursor of a planetary system.

"I am feeling a great joy while wondering why I was chosen. I hope this will be the opportunity for many people to become interested in my research," Okoda said Friday in a written interview with Jiji Press.

The other Japanese on the list is Setsuko Takamizawa, who captured peoples' attention by learning English using a smartphone despite her age with the aim of working as a volunteer interpreter in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

"I am happy," she said on Twitter.

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