Akita Ranks 2nd, after Tokyo, for Japan Prefecture Searches Abroad


Tokyo, Nov. 27 (Jiji Press)--The northeastern Japan prefecture of Akita came second, behind only Tokyo, the capital of the country, in a ranking of Japanese prefecture names searched on the Internet abroad, a survey by a digital ad company has found.

The result was unexpected, with Akita coming ahead of such prefectures as Kyoto and Osaka, both of which are popular tourist destinations, according to the Tokyo-based firm, Info Cubic Japan.

Searches for Akita increased apparently because many people tried to obtain information on "Akita inu," or the Akita dog, amid the increasing popularity of the dog species, an official of the company said.

Info Cubic surveyed prefecture names that were searched in English on Google in 13 countries and regions for the year to March 31, 2018, in a bid to understand any link between the number of searches and that of foreign tourists to Japan.

The survey showed that Tokyo topped the list, with 359,700 searches, followed by Akita, with 350,310. Coming third was Hiroshima, western Japan, with 214,120. Osaka in western Japan came fourth, with 205,400, and neighboring Kyoto seventh, with 139,100.

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