Kirin to End Sales of Mainstay Whiskey


Tokyo, Nov. 29 (Jiji Press)--Kirin Brewery Co. will end sales of one of its mainstay whiskey products after shipments in March next year due to a lack of unblended whiskey, according to officials of its parent, Kirin Holdings Co. <2503>.

Kirin Brewery has been enjoying strong demand for the product, Fuji-Sanroku Tarujuku Genshu 50, which is sold at some 1,700 yen per bottle, on the back of growing popularity of whiskey mixed with soda in Japan.

The company decided to halt the product's sales in a bid to continue the production of Fuji-Sanroku Signature Blend, sold at around 5,400 yen per bottle, a luxury product of the Fuji-Sanroku brand partly using the same unblended whiskey as Fuji-Sanroku Tarujuku Genshu 50, the officials said.

Among other Japanese distilleries, Suntory Spirits Ltd. suspended shipments of its mainstay whiskey products Hakushu 12 Years and Hibiki 17 Years at the end of September this year because of unblended whiskey shortages.


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