Executed Ex-Aum Member Left Over 5,000 Pages of Personal Notes


Tokyo, Dec. 11 (Jiji Press)--Former senior Aum Shinrikyo member Yoshihiro Inoue wrote personal notes until just before his execution in July, a Japanese nonfiction writer said Tuesday.

The notes, written on 400-character manuscript paper, were over 5,000 pages long, according to Ryusho Kadota, who has been acquainted with Inoue's parents for 23 years.

Inoue, 48 at the time of his execution, joined the doomsday cult at the age of 16. He was arrested in May 1995 for his involvement in many crimes including the deadly sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway system in March that year. His death penalty became final in 2010.

Kadota wrote a nonfiction book based on Inoue's notes and his 81-year-old father's 600-page-long memoir, portraying how Inoue was attracted to guru Chizuo Matsumoto and remained with him even after Inoue came to have doubts about him.

The notes showed Inoue's dilemma.

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