Girl Group under Spotlight for Performing at Kyoto Temples


Kyoto, Dec. 18 (Jiji Press)--An all-girl pop group performing mainly at temples in the western Japan city of Kyoto is coming under the spotlight.

Called terapalms, the trio was formed in November 2016 at the request of Ryuho Ikeguchi, the 38-year-old chief priest of Ryuganji, to increase the number of visitors to the temple of the Jodo-shu sect.

The three members use stage names adopted from Buddhist saints--Tama Monju, Chiseno Misaki and Shion Sezaki.

At a concert in Ryuganji in November, some 100 fans applauded the trio enthusiastically when they appeared drumming mokugyo wooden instruments used by Buddhist monks during recitation of sutras.

The audience joined in a song with lyrics including part of a sutra, chanting Buddhism terms. A sense of excitement filled the temple throughout the performance.

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