Japan to Allow Med Schools to Accept Extra Applicants

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Tokyo, Dec. 25 (Jiji Press)--Medical schools in Japan that will grant admission to applicants affected by their score-rigging can accept more students than the limits for the 2019 school year starting next April, on condition that a proper education environment is secured, the education ministry said Tuesday.

To amortize the excess, the ministry will instruct such schools to gradually redude the admission quotas over five years from the 2020 school year, it said.

This is a measure to prevent many students studying to enter those schools from being deprived of opportunities, education minister Masahiko Shibayama noted.

Specifically, Tokyo Medical University and eight other universities that admitted score manipulation to, in most cases, discriminate against female exam takers will be allowed to expand their admission quotas for the next school year.

For the year, Tokyo Medical University currently plans to accept 44 applicants that were affected by the score-rigging and 46 students from exam takers, because the university has set an admission quota of 90.

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