Poor Octopus Catches Hit "Akashiyaki" Local Specialty in Hyogo

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Akashi, Hyogo Pref., Dec. 29 (Jiji Press)--Historically low octopus catches off the city of Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture this year are hitting shops of "Akashiyaki" dumplings.

Akashiyaki, a specialty in the western Japan prefecture, is made by mixing diced pieces of locally caught octopuses with beaten eggs and baking it in a special pan with semispherical holes. It looks similar to "takoyaki," octopus dumplings originated in the capital of the neighboring prefecture of Osaka. But unlike takoyaki, Akashiyaki is served with "dashi" soup.

Common octopuses that grow in the Akashi Strait, known as Akashi Octopus, are often characterized by moderately firm meat and a deep taste.

In 2016, Akashiyaki, usually sold at around 500 yen per 10 pieces, won the first prize in the "B-1 Grand Prix" contest of B-class local cuisine across the country.

Akashiyaki shops generally use frozen octopuses that are caught in summer. Akashi Octopus catches this season were more than 30 pct lower than usual years, said an official of the Akashi city government.

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