Seoul Demands Apology for "Threateningly Low" Flight by Japan Plane


Seoul, Jan. 2 (Jiji Press)--The South Korean National Defense Ministry demanded Wednesday that Japan apologize for what it claims was a flight at a threateningly low altitude by a Japanese patrol plane around a South Korean warship last month.

In a statement released by its public relations office on the day, the South Korean ministry denied again that the warship locked its fire-control radar on the P-1 patrol plane of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. It urged Japan to stop distorting the fact.

On Friday, the Japanese government released video footage of the incident, which occurred in Japan's exclusive economic zone off the Noto Peninsula in central Japan on Dec. 20, to support its claim that the MSDF plane was exposed to the fire-control radar.

In the latest statement, the South Korean ministry argued that the low-altitude flight was a very dangerous act, as seen in the video footage, while the South Korean vessel was conducting a humanitarian rescue operation in the high seas.

The South Korean side expressed its deep regret that Japan released the video footage, although both sides had agreed to continue working-level talks to confirm what actually happened.

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