Car Thefts Using Relay Attack Technique on Rise


Osaka, Jan. 5 (Jiji Press)--The police department of Osaka Prefecture is increasingly alert as car thefts, including attempted cases, using a technique called relay attack are rising in the western Japan prefecture.

In a relay attack, a criminal picks up radio signal emitted from a smart key using a special device and relay it to an accomplice standing near the target car, who lets the vehicle receive the signal to unlock it and start the engine, and steal the car.

With the radio signal being weak enough to travel only one to 1.5 meters, the smart keys are thought to be safer than ordinary vehicle keys.

According to Nihon Bouhan Setsubi, a Tokyo-based security system provider, Chinese-made devices to capture key fob radio signal are coming into wider use, leading to an increase in relay attack victims mainly in the United States and Europe.

The number of relay attack cases has been increasing also in Japan in recent years, according to informed sources.

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