Japan Introduces 1,000-Yen Departure Tax

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Tokyo, Jan. 7 (Jiji Press)--Japan introduced a departure tax on Monday, collecting 1,000 yen per head from people who leave the country by aircraft or ship, regardless of their nationalities.

The levy, which is added to airfares or ship fares, is intended to secure financial resources for beefing up measures to accept more visitors from abroad, as the government aims to make Japan a tourism-oriented country.

People leaving Japan within 24 hours after their transit entry and children under two years old are exempted from the departure tax. The levy is not imposed as well on those who depart from Japan after entering the country due to bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances.

The levy is the first new permanent tax introduced in Japan since the land value tax was put into force in 1992.

The government estimates departure tax revenue at 6 billion yen in fiscal 2018 through March and 50 billion yen in fiscal 2019.

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