Tuna Auction Viewing Area Opens at Toyosu Market

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Tokyo, Jan. 15 (Jiji Press)--A crowd of people, including foreigners, visited the Toyosu central wholesale market in Tokyo on Tuesday as the new landmark in the Japanese capital started to allow visitors to view tuna auctions from a designated area the same day.

The designated area is adjacent to the auction site at the market, which opened in Koto Ward in October 2018 to succeed the iconic Tsukiji market.

The auction and viewing areas are separated by glass walls for hygiene control. But gaps in the upper part of the barriers enable visitors to enjoy the energetic atmosphere of tuna auctions, such as the ring of a bell to start the auction and excited voices of sellers and buyers.

At the defunct Tsukiji market, which was located in Chuo Ward in Tokyo, tuna auctions had also been hugely popular, mainly among visitors from abroad.

"I smelled an odor unique to a fish market and heard powerful voices and sounds," a woman from Koto Ward said after watching tuna auctions with her three-year-old son at the Toyosu market on Tuesday.

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