Japan Preparing to Ensure Medical Services during 10 Holidays

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Tokyo, Jan. 22 (Jiji Press)--The health ministry has asked prefectural governors across Japan to work with medical institutions to ensure necessary medical services in their communities during 10 consecutive holidays in late April and early May.

The ministry called on the governors to provide residents with information about institutions offering medical services during the holidays, which will be in line with the Imperial succession, on the websites of municipal governments and their public relations magazines.

Also in its request, made in a notification dated Jan. 15, the ministry asked the governors to figure out by mid-February at the earliest information about which institutions offer medical services, including emergency care, during the holidays.

The ministry underlined the importance of cooperation between medical institutions to prepare for a possible surge in the number of patients in their communities during the period.

It also asked the governors to keep people informed of the contact numbers of businesses handling medical devices such as artificial respirators.

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