New Bodies Proposed for Managing Land in Aging Society


Tokyo, Jan. 25 (Jiji Press)--A private-sector study group on unclaimed land on Friday called for the creation of two kinds of local organizations to prevent more land from falling unclaimed in Japan, where the population is growing older and shrinking fast.

The study group, led by former internal affairs minister Hiroya Masuda, proposed that potentially usable land plots and those unlikely to be of use be managed separately.

Land plots that are potentially usable but are difficult for the owners to sell on their own should be taken care of by the first kind of organizations, which serve as a matchmaker between landowners and prospective buyers, the study group said.

Plots deemed unusable should be managed by the second kind of organizations, it said.

Amid fears that more land plots might become unclaimed through inheritance as the population is aging and shrinking, the group sought efforts to make more effective use of land plots and prevent more land from becoming owner-unknown.

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