Excess Budget May Have Been Claimed for Wage Structure Survey

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Tokyo, Feb. 1 (Jiji Press)--Japan's labor ministry allegedly claimed an excessive budget to conduct its basic survey on wage structure, another ministry survey for which statistical irregularities have been found, it was learned Friday.

The annual survey looks into wages in major industries in details. It is one of the country's 56 sets of fundamental statistics, as is the monthly labor survey at the center of the ministry's statistics debacle.

Data from the annual survey are used to set minimum wages and levels of work accident insurance benefits.

The ministry is supposed to send researchers to distribute and collect survey slips, but it instead used mail for most of the survey targets. Despite this, the ministry won budget funds needed to send survey researchers.

For the current fiscal year through March, some 150 million yen was earmarked for the survey, including over 90 million yen in personnel costs for researchers.

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