Governor, Mayor May Switch Posts in Osaka Elections


Osaka, Feb. 4 (Jiji Press)--Ichiro Matsui, governor of Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, has indicated the possibility of him and Hirofumi Yoshimura, mayor of the city of Osaka, running in Osaka mayoral and gubernatorial elections, respectively, if the polls are moved up to take place on the same date as part of a series of nationwide local elections in April.

Matsui, who heads Osaka Ishin no Kai, and Yoshimura, policy chief of the regional political party, are apparently considering moving up the elections to April from late this year, as they aim to realize their plan to reorganize the administration of Osaka.

The current term of office for Matsui is set to end in November this year and that of Yoshimura the following month.

Matsui told reporters in the city of Osaka, the capital of the prefecture, on Sunday that if the elections are front-loaded to April and if he runs in the gubernatorial election and Yoshimura in the mayoral poll and they win the races, elections for the posts of governor and mayor must be held again later this year.

This "could contradict our principle" of making effective use of taxpayer money, he said.

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