FOCUS: Nepalese Calling for Agreement with Japan on Immigration

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Kathmandu, Nepal, Feb. 6 (Jiji Press)--Voices urging the Nepalese government to conclude an agreement with the Japanese government for greater transparency in movements of migrant workers are rising within Nepal.

In April, Japan will introduce a new program to accept more foreign workers by creating new visa categories. Under the new system, the number of Nepalese people wanting to work in Japan is expected to increase.

The voices reflect a sense of danger after cases in which malicious brokers have joined hands with employers in countries accepting Nepalese workers and force such people into hardship.

As Nepal does not have major industries that can absorb all of its labor, many people head overseas in search of work. According to a survey by the International Labor Organization, overseas remittances accounted for one-third of Nepal's gross domestic product in 2015.

A survey by Japan's Justice Ministry showed that over 85,000 Nepalese were residing in Japan as of June last year, ranking sixth in the list of nationalities of foreign residents in the country. Of such people, one-third were students.

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