Swine Fever Confirmed in More Prefectures in Japan


Tokyo, Feb. 6 (Jiji Press)--Swine fever cases were confirmed in four more prefectures in Japan on Wednesday, after the first outbreak of the disease in the country in 26 years happened in the central prefecture of Gifu last September.

Pigs at a farm in the city of Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, which borders Gifu, have tested positive for swine fever, the agriculture ministry said.

Swine fever outbreaks were also confirmed at farms in Nagano and Shiga prefectures, both of which also border Gifu, and the western prefecture of Osaka as well as Gifu. Pigs at the farms had been shipped from the Toyota farm for breeding, according to the ministry.

The Toyota farm continued pig shipments even after it informed Aichi prefectural authorities on Monday of unusual symptoms in pigs there, which had been seen since late last month, informed sources said.

The Aichi prefectural government stopped short of immediately requesting a voluntary halt in the shipments.

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