MSDF Execs Observe F-35Bs on U.S. Amphibious Assault Ship


Tokyo, Feb. 7 (Jiji Press)--Senior officials of Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force have visited the USS Wasp, a U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship deployed at the Sasebo base in the southwestern Japan prefecture of Nagasaki, and observed F-35B cutting-edge stealth fighters based on the ship.

Japan's Defense Ministry plans to revamp the MSDF's Izumo-class destroyers into de facto aircraft carriers.

The ministry is apparently considering introducing F-35Bs and operate them on the revamped ships mainly in Pacific areas.

According to the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet and other sources, Vice Adm. Kazuki Yamashita, commander in chief of the Self-Defense Fleet, and other MSDF officials visited the USS Wasp with U.S. Navy Vice Adm. Phil Sawyer, the commander of the 7th Fleet, on Tuesday.

The MSDF officials received explanations about the USS Wasp's amphibious capabilities and observed the U.S. Marine Corps' F-35B fighters based on the ship.

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