Over 10 Pct of People with Dementia in Japan Caused Vehicle Accidents


Tokyo, Feb. 12 (Jiji Press)--Over 10 pct of elderly people with dementia have had traffic accidents while driving, according to a survey by the Alzheimer's Association Japan.

Including cases in which accidents were about to occur, nearly 30 pct of such people ran into danger, according to the survey answered by family members of dementia sufferers and caregivers.

The survey showed that 83, or 15.1 pct, of 549 elderly people with dementia have experienced traffic accidents while driving. Of them, 34 had property damage, and 29 caused collisions with other vehicles.

Two people drove in the wrong direction and one caused a fatal accident.

The survey found that 63 people, or 11.5 pct of the total, nearly caused accidents. Of them, 11 ignored traffic lights or failed to stop at rail crossings, 10 got lost and seven were about to drive in the wrong direction.

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