Test to "See through" Clothing to Take Place at Tokyo Station


Tokyo, Feb. 22 (Jiji Press)--Japan's transport ministry said Friday it will conduct a demonstration test to detect dangerous objects such as knives and explosives with equipment to "see through" passenger clothing at a Tokyo subway station.

The ministry has secured 10 million yen for the test, which will be conducted at automatic ticket gates at Tokyo Metro Co.'s Kasumigaseki Station near the Hibiya Park exit March 4-7.

According to the ministry, the equipment can visualize terahertz waves, emitted naturally from people and objects. It may be able to determine the shape of objects hidden under the clothing.

In the test, commissioned to Sohgo Security Services Co. <2331>, participants with mock dangerous objects will randomly pass automatic ticket gates. The equipment installed nearby will be used to see how the objects appear on the monitor.

Data from normal passengers, including their face images, may be recorded in the test. The ministry said it will discard personal information collected in the test by the end of March.

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