Asian Rich Increasingly Interested in "Nishikigoi" Ornamental Carp


Tokyo, Feb. 26 (Jiji Press)--An increasing number of rich people in Asia outside Japan are interested in "nishikigoi" Japanese colored carp, pushing up the market for the luxury ornamental fish.

In October last year, a Chinese collector made a successful bid of 203 million yen in a nishikigoi auction held in the city of Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan, causing excitement among domestic and foreign buyers at the auction venue.

While the deal was an extreme case, it is not rare these days for champion nishikigoi in competitive shows to be purchased by rich foreigners for tens of millions of yen each, according to industry sources.

Breeding nishikigoi, which originated in Niigata Prefecture, central Japan, used to be commonly seen in Japan. But rising land prices, especially in urban areas, have made it difficult to maintain ponds to keep the fish.

On the other hand, interest in nishikigoi has been growing overseas. Japan's nishikigoi exports more than tripled to 4.3 billion yen in 2018 from 15 years before.

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