Japanese Board Seeks to Address Dangerous Railway Crossings


Tokyo, Feb. 26 (Jiji Press)--The Japan Transport Safety Board Tuesday asked railway companies and others to scrap underequipped railroad crossings or equip them with automated barriers soon.

"There is only a limited amount that passersby can do to confirm safety," the board said, referring to Class 3 crossings with no automated barrier and Class 4 crossings, which do not have such barriers or alarms.

A total of 39 fatal accidents occurred at Class 3 and Class 4 crossings between April 2014 and last month in Japan, according to the report.

Of the 34 cases for which reports were disclosed, those involving pedestrians made up the largest share with 13 cases, or 38 pct. By age group, 18 cases, or 53 pct, involved passersby aged 65 or over.

The report found that in 27 pct of the 34 cases, passersby were spotted by train drivers when the trains were running at a speed of over 80 kilometers per hour, followed by 26 pct each at a speed of over 70kph but less than 80 kph and over 60kph but less than 70 kph.

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