8 Years On: Prospective Bureaucrats See All Aspects on Fukushima Tour


Fukushima, March 9 (Jiji press)--Eight years after the March 2011 nuclear accident, tourism in Fukushima Prefecture is still haunted by unfounded rumors about radiation.

At the same time, university students aiming to become career-track bureaucrats in the national government this spring are being motivated for their new professions by a one-of-a-kind tour that allows them to see the realities of the northeastern prefecture's efforts on reconstruction from the nuclear accident as well as the earthquake and tsunami that triggered it.

The tour is part of a program dubbed Hope Tourism, which provides participants with opportunities to learn lessons from the disasters and interact with people working on reconstruction.

While a number of schools and companies have joined the program, the tour for bureaucrat hopefuls started in fiscal 2017.

The tour shows all sides of Fukushima today.

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