Western Japan City to Launch Bus Painted Gold for Local Promotion


Kobe, March 14 (Jiji Press)--The western Japan city of Awaji will introduce a bus with its exterior painted gold using part of state subsidies granted 30 years ago under a regional revitalization project, aiming to promote the vehicle as bringing happiness.

Inside the bus, the Hyogo Prefecture city will show how the former town of Tsuna, one of its predecessors, attracted public attention through the exhibition of gold bullions utilizing the 100-million-yen subsidies provided soon after the country's current Heisei era started in January 1989.

In March 1989, the town began showcasing the bullions, which it borrowed by putting the subsidies as collateral.

Under the state project, each municipality in Japan was granted subsidies worth 100 million yen.

Tourists initially flocked to Tsuna for rare experience of touching the bullions, but the exhibit gradually lost visitors.

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