Court Nixes Petition for Halt to Western Japan N-Reactor


Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Pref., March 15 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese district court branch on Friday dismissed a petition seeking an injunction to halt operations at the No. 3 reactor of Shikoku Electric Power Co.'s <9507> Ikata nuclear power plant in Ehime Prefecture, western Japan.

The petition was filed by three residents of nearby Yamaguchi Prefecture with the Iwakuni branch of Yamaguchi District Court in March 2017. The petitioners cited safety concerns about the nuclear reactor.

Key issues in the legal battle were how the court branch would assess Shikoku Electric's estimate of maximum ground motions from possible earthquakes and the likelihood of a catastrophic volcanic eruption occurring at Mount Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, located some 130 kilometers from the reactor.

Presiding Judge Akira Onose concluded that there is nothing unreasonable in the ground motion estimate, saying it takes sufficient account of possible movements of faults running near the plant.

Onose added that a devastating eruption is very unlikely to occur during the reactor's operational period.

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