Japan to Expand Coverage of "Premium" Shopping Voucher Programs


Tokyo, March 18 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi on Monday indicated the government's plans to expand the coverage of households eligible to buy so-called "premium" shopping vouchers, currently planned to be available to families with children aged up to 2.

The government is set to introduce the voucher program as part of measures to prevent an economic slowdown from the planned consumption tax rate hike from 8 pct to 10 pct on Oct. 1.

"The government is making preparations so that the voucher program will cover all households with children born on or before Sept. 30," Motegi said at a House of Councillors Budget Committee meeting.

Previously, families with babies born on June 2 or later were planned to be excluded, to ease the burden of related administrative work.

Households covered by the program will be allowed to buy at 20,000 yen a voucher for purchases of goods and services worth up to 25,000 yen. The voucher will be issued by municipalities and can be used at stores located in the administrative areas they cover.

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