Japanese Startup to Begin Rocket Launch Biz in 2023

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Tokyo, March 20 (Jiji Press)--Japanese startup Interstellar Technologies Inc. will begin a rocket business for launching ultracompact artificial satellites in 2023.

After having been engaged almost alone in rocket development, the company plans to accelerate the development with technical support from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, it said Tuesday.

The rocket, which will be 22 meters long and weigh 35 tons, will be designed to launch satellites weighing 100 kilograms or less into outer space to an altitude of 500 kilometers.

The company, based in the town of Taiki in Hokkaido, northernmost Japan, aims to reduce costs to 600 million yen or less per launch. JAXA will provide assistance for engine development.

Takafumi Horie, a high-profile entrepreneur who serves as a board member of the company, told a press conference in Tokyo, "We also hope to develop a large-scale rocket and a manned spacecraft."

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