Japanese Teen Gets 3-5 Yrs for Making Lethal Explosive TATP


Nagoya, March 25 (Jiji Press)--Nagoya District Court sentenced a 19-year-old former university student to a prison term of three to five years on Monday for making triacetone triperoxide, the lethal explosive also known as TATP.

Presiding Judge Daisuke Kanda handed down the sentence after the prosecution demanded three to six years in prison. Meanwhile, the defense claimed that placing the teenager on probation would be a reasonable punishment.

The prosecutors described the production of TATP as a dangerous and heinous crime that could cause serious damage.

They also pointed out that the gun the man made with a three-dimensional printer was confirmed to have the shooting function, and condemned him for making stimulant drugs for money and from curiosity.

The defense claimed that he did not intend to harm people, while seeking to transfer the trial to a family court on the grounds that he is expected to be rehabilitated on probation.

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