One-Week Evacuation May Be Urged after Nankai Quake Precursor

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Tokyo, March 29 (Jiji Press)--Many Japanese municipalities on the Pacific side would be required to issue one-week evacuation orders to prepare for a possible huge Nankai Trough earthquake in the event of what could be considered a precursor, the central government said Friday.

Disaster response guidelines released by the Cabinet Office showed required response to a situation in which a temblor with a magnitude of around 8 occurs on the trough, located off the central to southwestern regions, and the Japan Meteorological Agency concludes that a similarly large or even larger quake might happen elsewhere on the trough.

If the agency reaches such a conclusion, the central government would urge municipalities seen as highly vulnerable to tsunami from a Nankai Trough megaquake to exercise vigilance for one week.

During the period of vigilance, municipalities would issue evacuation orders to coastal areas and take other precautionary measures.

The evacuation orders would be issued for areas where residents would not have enough time to evacuate before the arrival of tsunami if the subsequent quake were to occur. Schools could be closed and the use of roads and railways restricted while the orders remain in place.

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