New Residency Status to Come into Effect in Japan Monday


Tokyo, March 30 (Jiji Press)--With Japan expected to accept up to some 340,000 foreign workers over the next five years following Monday's enforcement of the revised immigration control law, the central and local governments are facing an urgent need to prepare for an influx of such workers.

Under the revised law, new residency categories will be created to allow more foreigners to enter the workforce. Type one status will be granted to industry-ready foreigners and type two to those with higher skills.

The new visa program covers 14 industries that suffer serious labor shortages, including the agriculture and auto maintenance sectors. Type two workers will be limited to the construction and shipbuilding industries.

Foreign workers applying for type one status will need to pass sector-specific skill tests and common Japanese-language exams for all applicants.

Such tests will be launched in April, with skill tests for the nursing care, restaurant and accommodation sectors and Japanese-language exams conducted in the Philippines and Japan. Successful applicants are expected to join the workforce around summer.

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