Japan Cabinet OKs GSDF Dispatch to Sinai


Tokyo, April 2 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government, at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, approved a plan to send two Ground Self-Defense Force members to the Multinational Force & Observers in the Sinai Peninsula from April 19 to Nov. 30.

The GSDF dispatch will be the first case of so-called international peace and security cooperation activity under the 2015 national security legislation.

The dispatch "has great significance in terms of developing human resources, as well as showing in a visible manner our further contribution to peace and stability in the Middle East," Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya told a press conference following the cabinet meeting.

Iwaya said the government has no plans to send a Self-Defense Force unit there.

The GSDF members are expected to serve as liaison and coordination officers at the MFO command in Sharm el-Sheikh on the southern tip of the peninsula in eastern Egypt.

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