Publishers Hurry to Reprint "Manyoshu" in Era Name Boon

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Tokyo, April 2 (Jiji Press)--After the government unveiled the next Japanese era's name, Reiwa, on Monday, publishing companies are hurrying to reprint "Manyoshu" and related books as the oldest existing anthology of poetry in the country was cited as the source of the era name.

Iwanami Shoten has decided to reprint its paperback edition of Manyoshu since the publisher started to receive a rush of orders from bookstores following the era name announcement shortly before noon Monday, according to Mayumi Horiuchi from its marketing group.

Information on which part of Manyoshu is the era name's source and on related books has been posted on Twitter accounts of the company and its Iwanami Bunko editorial department. "We've had good responses from the general audience," Horiuchi said.

Kadokawa Corp., the publisher of Kadokawa Shoten-brand books, also plans to reprint Manyoshu-related books urgently.

According to its website, Kadokawa has decided to print 8,000 copies each of two related books that include the era name's source and is considering reprinting more, as the books ran out of stock at many bookstores, including online shops.

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